Liquor Restaurant, Patrons robbed at Bath Settlement


Investigations are ongoing into a Robbery Under Arms which occurred lot 4 ‘F’ Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice (WCB) last night (Sunday, May 28, 2017).

According to information received, at about 22:30 hrs on Sunday, three men entered the Liquor Restaurant at the address mentioned above where a 25-year-old Mechanic, Ryan Hiralall along with a friend, 26-year-old Chrisendat Sureshpaul, were imbibing alcohol.

The men then ordered beers and took up a seat near Hiralall and Sureshpaul.

Hiralall told police officers that after five minutes, the trio held up Ryan and his friend at gunpoint. They allegedly then took them into the shop yard and ordered them to lay flat on the ground before relieving the 25-year-old of his valuables.

The man of No. 10 Village, WCB, reported the loss of 1 Blu cell phone valued $25,000, one silver chain valued $30,000 and one silver ring valued $10,000.

Sureshpaul was not in possession of any valuables.

It is reported that one of the armed men went to the eastern kitchen door of the restaurant and kicked it open. He entered and went to the shop where he relieved 45-year-old Lolitta Beni, proprietor of the facility, of her valuables which were in a handbag.

The bag contained $60,000 Guyana dollars from the day’s sale, 1 Blu cell phone valued $20,000, 1 Samsung tablet valued $25,000, 1 Samsung Galaxy cell phone valued $80,000, and one silver ring valued $8,000, the woman related.

The suspects then managed to escape in Hiralall’s Allion Motorcar; PMM 6756 valued $ 1.9M which was parked on the road in front of the shop with the key in the ignition.

A white Ronnex Motorcar; PPP 5961 was seen about 175 feet away from the scene, abandoned.

Efforts are being made to take same to the station.

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