“Radika” has been identified


Written by Leroy Smith

The police have ascertained the identity of a man who succumbed at a hospital in Bartica after he has beaten by three persons on Monday morning.

Kumar Persaud who goes by the alias “Radika” is 49 years old.

Persaud was beaten by a woman and two men along a section of the Bartica Beach after they realised that he was having an invading eye of their threesome act.

They had asked the man remove but he refused and as a result the trio unleashed a savage beating on him that caused him to be hospitalised; he died while receiving medical attention.

However, the three did not know that there was another person who was peeping from a different angle and that person also observed the beating.
He subsequently informed the police of the trio’s actions and they were arrested. He is expected to be the star witness in the court proceedings if the post-mortem which is to be conducted today, find that the beating is what caused the death of the “Radika”.

The police investigations continue even as the three persons remain in the custody of the police.

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