EU making a difference in winning the society on LGBTI rights – Ambassador


Though no major reforms have been made, Ambassador Jernej Videtič believes the European Union has been making a difference in winning the society on LGBTI and other human rights issues.

The European Union has allocated more than GY$2.7B to raise awareness and broaden the dialogue on human rights and anti -discrimination issues.

Despite such a significant investment, many are of the view that not much strides have been made at a national level to address these issues, especially pertaining to LGBTI rights.

But the EU Ambassador told reporters that the EU has been making a difference.

“For us there is a lot of talk with many articles and people are speaking about it at the level of politics and parliament …We’re making a difference by winning the society but the decisions are made by your parliament and government,” he stated during a news conference today.

The EU also prides itself in making a significant impact in areas of domestic violence, indigenous people’s rights, child protection and gender equality.

Local advocacy organization SASOD has been increasing its calls for the government to put into policy its presumed non-discriminatory posture towards the LGBTI community.

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