Police stand down, army steps up at Camp Street environs


The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) has taken over the monitoring of movements in, and around the Camp Street Jail, three days after that devastating fire and jailbreak.

Today, persons who are trying to get to their homes and places of business were prevented from the environs as the soldiers stand guard two corners away from the ruins of the prisons.

Police and army personnel told the News Room that the “Security measure” is as a result of construction works which are taking place “inside the prison walls”. The News Room was told that the measure was implemented to safeguard the members of the public from being injured by the works taking place inside the prison walls.

Persons are questioning the move given that on the day of the unrest, persons were in closer proximity to the area of the fire as gunshots were also being fired.

On Sunday, persons were as close as Bent Street and even in front of the Prison Sports Club while today (Wednesday, July 12, 2017) they are forced to stand as far back as Hadfield and Camp Streets, Bent and George Streets, Durban and George Streets, Norton and Camp Streets, Norton and John Streets, Durban and Cream Streets.

Officials were on Wednesday moving weapons from the armory as it was difficult for them to do so before.

By Leroy Smith

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