Security remains on high alert in Berbice despite capture of prison escapee


Security remains on high alert in Berbice despite the capture of a Camp Street prison escapee there Saturday.

Speaking with media at his office Monday, B Division Commander Paul Williams disclosed that security measures within his Division will remain on high alert as it was before ranks were able to recapture Camp Street Prison escapee Stafrei Alexander in a house at Toopoo, which is located in Hampshire Village on the Corentyne Coast.

He was spotted in the region in early July 2017 and as a result, a number of security measures were put in place by ranks from B Division to ensure that he was recaptured.

Williams wants to ensure that residents are aware that ranks within his Division will maintain vigilant in the implementation of operation “Focus” which targets crime and traffic lawlessness.

“We are going to maintain our posture with a high level of security alertness… every little aspects as it relates to crime and traffic lawlessness we are going to target and do our work…I don’t want the residents of Berbice to feel as though because Safrei Alexander was captured that’s about it,” Williams stated.

The Commander also disclosed that whatever operation is being executed by his ranks will be based on intelligence.

“We are not going to target people or make people uncomfortable unnecessarily…we just want people to cooperate,” he stated.

At the time Alexander was captured on Saturday he had a wound to his body which he sustained during a confrontation with Police earlier in the month in the Port Mourant area. (Royan Abrams)

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