‘We will not let up until the last one is caught’ – Ramjattan


Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan today lauded the Joint Services for their hard work in recapturing a significant number of the prison escapees and he pledged to intensify those efforts to ensure every last fugitive is behind bars.

The Minister during a news conference today expressed gratitude to the joint services and members of the public for their assistance in the recapturing of 15 of the overall 19 escapees from both the Lusignan and Camp Street prisons.

“I wish to especially thank the Joint Services for their tireless work, relentless efforts and unrelenting pursuit of these fugitives and for doing so without the loss of life of any civilian,” he said.

Over the weekend, the joint services killed escapee Clive Forde known as El Sinkie.

Police also arrested prison escapee Stafrei Alexander in Berbice and escapee Kerry Cromwell surrendered to the police.

This morning, escapee Shawn Harris was captured in Mocha.

Four prisoners remain at large. These are Uree varsyck, the Camp Street inmate who shot and severely injured at least three prison officer; Royden Williams who was on death row for the Bartica Massacre, Cobena Stephens and Paul Goriah.

Ramjattan pleaded with the public to continue providing information to the police.

“The information is being treated with the strictest of confidence and with four remaining fugitives on the run, I plead with the members of the public to continue their vigilance and to report all information to the police,” he stated.

Ramjattan added, “I further plead with the family members, relatives, friends and associates of those on the run to turn them in if they’re in contact with them or know of their whereabouts.”

He warned however that if persons are caught harbouring the remaining fugitives, they will be dealt with by the full force of the law.

Ramjattan also pledged to not rest until all of the remaining fugitives are captured.

“We will intensify the efforts, we are not going to let up until the last one is caught and in a sense, order and stability and security is restored,” he stated.

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