Remedial works commence on roadway to address fuel shortage in Lethem


Remedial works have commenced the Hunt Oil road in the vicinity of the Lethem-Kurupukari roadway in North Rupununi, following a report of fuel (gasoline) shortage in Lethem.

The News Room on Friday (August 11, 2017) reported that three pump stations in Lethem, Region Nine (Upper Takatu – Upper Essquibo) have ran out of fuel and have been closed until further notice. This was as a result of bad roads which delayed the transportation of the fuel to the hinterland location.

Information reaching News Room this morning stated that Road Contractor of Region Nine, JR Ranch commenced remedial roadworks on Friday afternoon.

It was reported that assistance was rendered by the contractor to stranded commuters plying the route.

While works are underway, only light vehicular traffic is allowed passage.

It was unclear whether the road after completion would be open to heavy vehicular traffic during the weekend even as gasoline remains a basic shortage in Lethem.

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