Manager robbed in broad daylight at traffic light


A senior manager of a Georgetown business was shot and robbed on Monday in broad daylight at a Traffic Light even as passersby by carried on with business as usual.

Rohan Ramperaud, 35, was on Monday afternoon dragged from his vehicle by bandits who rolled up behind him at a traffic light at Irving Street on the approach to Lamaha Street.

The armed men demanded money from the manager and shot him in the left thigh.  The man had earlier visited the Republic bank Camp Street branch where he withdrew more than nine million dollars for his employer. The incident was captured in full by CCTV footage from a nearby premises.

The video revealed when the gunmen ran up to the vehicle from behind, pulled the man out of his SUV, and while he was braced to the vehicle with his hands up in the air, the bandits removed valuables from the vehicle.

What the bandits however failed to realise is that Rampersaud was only tasked with withdrawing the cash from bank and handed it over to another employee of the same establishment who was in an armoured vehicle and as that vehicle went its way, Rampersaud went in another direction.

The police are of the view that the bandits were under the impression that Rampersaud was carrying the large amount of cash on him hence they attacked him.

They were only able to make off with several other personal items and personal cash which he had on his person. The bandits discharged several rounds before escaping in a white Allion motorcar.

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