80 murders recorded, police say crime is down


The Guyana Police Force is reporting that there is a decrease in serious crimes and according to the organisation, there is a decrease of 11% in every category of crimes.

The decrease is being measured up to the end of August 2017 and is compared to the corresponding period for last year.

In the release, the organisation stated the following decreases: murder 18%; robbery under arms where firearms were used 16%; robbery under arms where instruments other than firearms were used 5%; 41% increase in robbery with violence; a 20% increase in robbery with aggravation; a 27% increase in larceny from the person; a 6% decrease in rape; an 8% decrease in burglary; a 19% decrease in break and enter and larceny and in respect of robbery where no instruments were used.

So far for the year, there have been 39 disorderly type murders, 15 domestic murders, 12 robbery murders, 4 execution murders 8 murders where the circumstances are unknown and 2 murders under the category of “others.” Those represent a total of 80 murders thus far for the year.

The police managed to seize a number of firearms totalling 89 as compared to53 for the corresponding period.

Pistol, 55; Revolvers, 11; Shotguns, 14 and 9 Rifles. When the numbers are broken down, ‘A’ Division recorded the largest seizers followed by ‘F’ Division while ‘C’ and ‘D’ Division recorded the same amount of seizures of ‘B’ – 7.

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