Men confess to sodomizing, dumping body of Berbice boy


By Royan Abrams

Two men have confessed to sodomizing a 12- year-old from Brothers Village, West Coast Berbice and dumping his body in the Berbice river. This was confirmed by acting Crime Chief, Paul Williams.

Leonard Archibald went missing since last Sunday and the men who are accused of molesting young boys in the area, were subsequently arrested.

Following a confession earlier today, ranks visited the location and recovered the bicycle that the child was last seen with. News Room understands that both of the accused told detectives that they sexually assaulted the child before dumping him in the river located several feet away from their home.

Speaking with reporters at the scene, Divisional Commander, Linden Alves, disclosed that ranks from his division along with residents from the area, executed a search in the yard where the two suspects reside. He added that after coming up empty handed, the search was extended to the river banks using a cast-net and it was there that the bicycle was discovered.

Following the discovery of the cycle, the marine patrol was alerted and they began combing the river for the body which has not yet been recovered.

It was only yesterday that residents disclosed that they had heard screams from a child but did not take it for anything serious.

Investigations are ongoing.


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