50 dial scales seized by GNBS


Fifty dial scales were seized from the Stabroek and Bourda markets Wednesday by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) during a recent surveillance exercise.

The scales were not approved for commercial trade as they were not designed for the rigours of commercial usage, easily become inaccurate, and results in vendors selling short weighted goods to consumers, the GNBS said.

The body says it has therefore over the years been encouraging vendors and shopkeepers to use only the recommended “metric devices which include the metric red equal arm scales and masses, metric platform scales, approved dial scales and electronic scales.”

In addition, persons are being advised against making purchases from persons selling with the unapproved devices.

The Bureau is also threatening persecution of persons who continue to use the unapproved devices and those who obstruct Inspectors of the GNBS from executing their duties.

So far for this year, more than 500 unapproved scales were seized and removed from markets and other retail outlets countrywide by Inspectors of the GNBS.

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