UPDATE: Elderly women reportedly strangled to death


By Bibi Khatoon

Two women, who were discovered dead in their South and Albert Streets, Georgetown home bound and gagged on Tuesday morning, are believed to have been strangled.

They have been identified as 77-year-old Phylis Caesar and 88-year-old Constance Fraser. News Room understands that the two women are related to each other and have been living on the premises for some 50 years.

News Room understands that Caesar was the caretaker of the Full Gospel Assembly Church, located opposite the home and also worked at a Private School a short distance away.

Police cordoned off the crime scene

Pastor of the Church, Winston McGowan told reporters that he and other church members visited the women on Monday evening and spent some time with them before leaving at about 19:30hrs.  He also noted that the women were robbed a few months ago.

McGowan said that Caesar was responsible for disarming the security system and opening the church every morning, however, upon visiting the church this morning, it was observed that the building was still locked.

Church members then visited the home at about 08:10hrs and made several calls but received no answer. A visit was then made to the private school where she worked but it was found that the students too were locked out.

The members then returned to the home of the women and noticed that the door to the upper flat of the building was opened.

As such, one of the members used a ladder and climbed to the verandah and upon entering the home, he saw the bodies lying face down on their beds with their hands, feet and mouth bound. He also observed that their bedrooms were ransacked. It is believed that two suspects entered the home and committed the heinous act.

While investigators are working to determine how the suspects gained entry, McGowan said it is believed that they climbed onto the verandah and entered the home.

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