Diamond family of 7 homeless following fire


By Devina Samaroo

A family of seven is now left homeless after their Lot 1892 Diamond houses went up in flames on Wednesday afternoon.

Camita Singh lived in a house in the front of the yard while her two daughters and their four children lived in another structure in the same lot.

When News Room arrived at the scene around 16:00hrs, firefighters were battling to put out the blaze which had already destroyed the two buildings.

Firefighters at the scene of the fire

The mother, Camita Singh was draped in a towel with toothpaste stains on her mouth and watched in horror as her house burned to the ground.

Singh said she was bathing when a neighbour alerted her about the fire but when she rushed out of the bathroom it was already too late to salvage anything.

“Me nevah see fire spread so quick,” she said.

Singh suspected that her daughter’s children might have caused the fire as they were playing with squibs and firecrackers or from a Diya that was lit by the altar.

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