Onshore base may be developed in partnership with Suriname


The Government of Guyana is looking to partner with authorities in neighbouring Suriname in the development of its onshore base at Crab Island in the Berbice River.

The Government in March of this year announced that it is looking to build a “world-class base” at Crab Island in the Berbice River. Following a visit to Suriname where he participated in the New Petroleum Producers Discussion Group’s annual meeting, Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman on Monday disclosed that the onshore base may be developed in partnership with the neighbouring state so that it can benefit both sides.

“We are hoping before the end of the year to either start and hopefully finish—but if not, start a feasibility study to say exactly where and what type of facility we are going to have. It is without a doubt that we are going to have a facility, it is the matter of the where, and the design,” Trotman told reporters.

In a subsequent Press release, the Ministry of Natural Resources said cooperation between the two states will extend to Gold and diamond mining, bauxite production, water as a natural resource commodity, hydropower, agriculture, infrastructure, and oil and gas exploration, development, production and oil-spill response.

The Ministry said Minister Trotman was accompanied by Legal and Technical Officer, Joanna Homer.

The Ministry said a follow up meeting is scheduled to be held in Guyana in November 2017.

In was also stated that during the Petroleum Producers Group Annual Meeting, Trotman met with representatives from the oil and gas institutions and agencies of Suriname, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone to share innovative ideas on petroleum management governance structures and geological experiences.

To advance efforts, Minister Trotman proposed a joint Guyana/Suriname study tour of Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone during 2018 where technical officers from Suriname would join Guyana and expand on initial discussions to further develop country-to-country exchanges. The proposal was accepted by those in attendance and several follow-up actions have been agreed on to make the study tour a reality with Chatham House being asked to take the lead on organizing.

The New Petroleum Producers Discussion Group was initiated by London-based Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs.

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