Pastor detained as rape allegations surface


A pastor, who runs a church in Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, has been detained following allegations of rape levelled against him by female members of his congregation.

Today when the News Room visited the man’s First Street Diamond, East Bank Demerara home, the place was shut tight and the exterior lights of the building were on. No one seemed to be home when we visited.

However, in discussion with persons in the area, they confirmed that several women would from time to time be visiting the home of the pastor. He was described as a man who shares a very strenuous relationship some members of the community.

Some five women are claiming that the pastor assaulted, threatened and touched them inappropriately.  They are contending that he would encourage them to do strange things under the pretext that it was the Lord’s will.

During a visit to Parfaite Harmonie where the church is located, the building sports the same colour as the man’s house. No one was there either. Persons in that community, when asked about the scandal now facing the church, said they were unaware of it. One woman, who spoke with the News Room from her veranda, said that her daughter goes to the church sometimes.

Today, the News Room confirmed that the pastor is being held at the Diamond Police Station among the regular prison population there. He was picked up Thursday evening as he was preparing to head over to church.

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