‘Saga’s murder linked to Royden Williams recapture


By Leroy Smith

Information which the News Room was fed days after 64-year-old Godfrey Scipio known as ‘Saga’ was killed now seems to be making its way into the hands of certain detectives regarding the real motive for the businessman’s murder.

Scipio was killed on October 12, 2017, in Kitty, Georgetown – three days after notorious criminal and prison escapee, Royden Williams was recaptured by police. At the time of his death, Scipio had just exited a popular hotel with a female companion. He was also robbed of all the gold jewelry he was wearing at the time.

Royden Williams on the night he was re-captured

One day after the incident, the News Room received information that he was killed because he passed information onto the police about the movements of Williams, the prime suspect in the Camp Street jailbreak and fire in July of this year.

Scipio was a popular vendor at the Berbice Bus Park and Williams was caught in a minibus in Weldaad, West Coast Berbice on October 9; he had reportedly joined the minibus at the Berbice Bus Park.

News Room was reliably informed that the businessman was a friend of a very senior police officer and he allegedly contacted that police officer with the information regarding Williams and systems were then put in place to re-capture the wanted man.

When this News Room approached that senior officer on the matter days after Saga was killed, the officer denied any knowledge and said that the information which led to the recapture of Williams was as the result of intelligence.

Saga’s involvement in the recapture of Williams was only known to senior police operatives, at least up to a few days after the recapture Williams, for whom a reward of more than two million Guyana dollars was up for grab.

Over the last few days, several police ranks have been pulled in for questioning as on the night of Saga’s death, a vehicle which is said to be owned by a policeman was parked nearby the murder scene and it was that car that the gunman entered after committing the murderous act which was made to look like a robbery.

The ranks are said to be from the intelligence arm of the force as well as the traffic department.

The details surrounding the death of ‘Saga’ began to unravel after his alleged killer, Aubrey Bobb, who has been remanded to prison, began engaging detectives this week and sharing critical information with them, including the fact that the weapon which he used to kill the businessman was reportedly given to him by a member of the Guyana Police Force


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