Businesswoman fetes Victoria children


In keeping with the spirit of the Christmas season, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Sea Foods Distributors, Allison Butters-Grant, took the time on Sunday to put a smile on the faces of the children of Victoria, East Coast Demerara.

The event was held in collaboration with a youth group in the village. With more than 250 children in attendance, some accompanied by their parents, the children’s’ party started just around 14:00hrs and included activities such as acrostics, singing, quiz and much more. The children were also presented with gifts which were provided by Global Seas Foods Distributors.

Some of the children at the party

Speaking with the News Room after the Event, Butters-Grant said that she decided to take Christmas cheer to Victoria because she intends to provide job opportunities to the men and women.

She told the News Room that her establishment will be expanding in the New Year and Victoria was identified as the location for that expansion.

Butters- Grant explained that she is impressed with the level of cooperation and credited the young people for making the event a success.

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