First Burger King outlet opens in Georgetown


Burger King will be opening its doors at Regent and Camp Streets, Georgetown, to the public from Wednesday, December 20, 2017. The franchise hosted a media launch Monday evening where its services and outlook for the next 18 months were highlighted.

This is the first of six locations which the franchise will be opening, providing approximately 400 jobs. The second outlet will open at the Giftland Mall before the end of this year.

The chain is operated through a franchise agreement with Corum Restaurant Holdings, a subsidiary of Corum Group which also manages the local Pizza Hut franchise.

During the opening ceremony last evening, Clairmont Cummings, Managing Director, expressed confidence that the fast-food chain will be able to serve the local population with “high quality, fresh, diverse, affordable and all around attractive menu and dining experience.”

Visiting from Miami, Director of the Central-South America for Burger King Corporation, Patrick Coelho praised the local managers as he noted that the company is here for the long run.

Also delivering remarks was Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, who lauded the group of young entrepreneurs for capitalizing on the myriad of gaps within the local food industry.

He noted that it is great to see Guyanese investing in their country even as the government strives to provide a level playing field in the business sector.

“And so, we are working overtime to remove these and other disincentives to investing in Guyana, and to make the climate more attractive, especially for local entrepreneurs and start-ups, as we go through this difficult period of transitioning our economy away from its dependence on sugar,” the Minister pointed out.

He alluded to the $100M Revolving Fund for small businesses which was budgeted for in the 2018 budget and the $150M Sustainable Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development (SLED) programme, where small business and potential small business operators can benefit from training and start-up grants.

“My government has been clear on the opportunities that are available to the private sector and to citizens. We welcome investments that can be enduring and substantial and creative. Therefore, our fiscal policies will always reflect our resolve to foster private sector growth and investments through the establishment of fair and transparent competition,” the  Finance Minister said.

The event was also attended by Georgetown Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green; United Kingdom Ambassador to Guyana, Greg Quinn; United States Deputy Chief of Mission and other officials.

Jordan also pointed out that aside from the direct employment, the group can assist in creating indirect employment through collaboration with farmers, to provide ingredients for their various burgers and salads.

Burger King, which has been established since 1954, offers chicken nuggets, fries and sandwiches, fish burger and vegetarian options. There is also a variety of desserts including milkshakes and ice cream. (Bibi Khatoon)

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