Starlet showdown at ‘King of the Strip’ Drag Meet


By Avenash Ramzan

The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) has added a new dimension to this Sunday’s ‘King of the Strip’ Drag Meet with a ‘Fastest Starlet’ category.

In partnership with Tropical Shipping, the organisers have made the showdown a ‘winner-take-all’ and from all indications, interest is high among Starlet owners.

GMR&SC president Rameez Mohamed, himself a competitor, is encouraging Starlet owners to take a shot against his car, which is highly regarded amongst the fastest Starlets in the country.

“So we’re encouraging the other racers to come out and race against my Starlet, which is already rated one of the fastest Starlets in Guyana; it has proven itself by circuit racing,” Mohamed said. “I’m giving the other Starlet owners a chance to come out and feel the power side by side with my Starlet.”

Rameez Mohamed

Mohamed pointed out the guidelines drivers need to adhere to in order to be eligible to compete.

“You need to maintain the Starlet specs I would say, so 4E, 5E, turbo charged is okay, but no engine swap like 4A-GE or 2JZ, no bigger engine than what the Starlet comes with,” he explained.

Sunday’s event is being organised by the GMR&SC in partnership with Tropical Shipping. It will get underway at 09:00h and admission to the venue is $1,000 for adults and $500 for children.

It is being sponsored by Stag, Mohamed’s Enterprise, E-Networks, BM Soat, Prem’s Electrical, Rent A Tent, White Boy Auto Spares, Windjammer, Samaroo’s Investments, Trans Pacific, Special Auto, Ramchand’s Auto Body, Nexus, Palm Court and JR Burgers. 

The organisers are urging patrons to keep the racing for the track and don’t drink and drive.

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