Torginol Paints onboard with Lusignan Golf Club


By Avenash Ramzan

The Continental Group of Companies, through its Torginol Paints, on Wednesday morning signed a partnership with the Lusignan Golf Club, via the exclusive sponsorship of a tournament, set for later this year.

At a media event at its main office at Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, top officials of the company presented a cheque for an undisclosed sum to executives of the Club, signalling the establishment’s commitment to the growth and development of the sport in Guyana.

Representing the Continental Group of Companies were Company Secretary M.S. Ally and Production Manager of Torginol Paints Inc., Fenton Persaud, while the Lusignan Golf Club was represented by newly-elected President Aleem Hussain, Vice-president Paton George and Public Relations Officer Guy Griffith.  

Fenton Persaud making a point in the presence of Aleem Hussain

The tournament is billed for June 2 at the country’s lone golf course at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara.

“This is a continuation of a grand sponsorship; long-term sponsorship from Torginol Paints, who has been with the Lusignan Golf Club for over 15 years, and the management and staff of Torginol have committed to continuing and especially based on the plans and the future of the Lusignan Golf Club and where we’re headed,” Hussain said.

“We want to thank them for their sponsorship of this tournament and their long-term support and their future ongoing promise of support.”

Production Manager of Torginol Paints Inc., Fenton Persaud, said the company is proud to be associated with the Lusignan Golf Club, an alliance that will continue way into the future.

“We see ourselves as being an assistance in helping to promote golf in the country, and also to assist in improving the facility (at Lusignan) to make it better on a daily basis,” Persaud pointed out.

Company Secretary M.S. Ally addressing the gathering at Wednesday’s event

Meanwhile, Hussain used the opportunity to speak about the impact the partnership with Torginal Paints has had on the sport.

“They have been one of our stalwart supporters and without them I don’t think the Golf Club would be in the position that they are in today,” he posited. “When you come out to their tournament, scheduled for June 2, you will see all their brands on display and Torginol has also committed that they will also put their branding around the golf course.” 

Company Secretary of Continental Group of Companies, M.S. Ally, said the establishment will provide whatever support is needed to build the sport in Guyana. 

“This is the role we’re prepared to play. The masters at golf are the administration of the club and the administrators, we’re the ones who are going to be giving the background push and help you guys to achieve. So in this role I hope Torginol will continue to be a tower of strength as we think we have been over the past years, and therefore you can count on us for the background support,” Ally asserted. 

The Torginol tournament is just one of a number of tournaments slated for 2018, including four major ones, according to president Hussain.

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