Berbice family attacked by bandits


A family of three, was early Wednesday morning robbed and injured in their Ogleton Dam, Angoy’s Berbice home by three males, all armed with knives.

During the robbery, the victims managed to subdue one of the bandits and handed him over to the police who responded promptly, a police statement noted.

A sum of cash and several pieces of gold jewellery were taken from the victims who received medical attention at the New Amsterdam Hospital and have been sent away.

According to the police, the detained bandit who resides in the said community has since admitted to the crime and has also named his accomplices who are known; detectives are making stringent efforts to apprehend them.

Meanwhile, the victim, 77-year-old Kamalodean Mohabir told News Room, he continues to live in fear since this is the sixth time he was robbed.

Mohabir, who operates a well-known grocery shop in the area, told News Room that he was asleep in the lower flat of the building and was awoken at around 2am by the screams of his wife.

The man related to News Room that he immediately ran upstairs and witnessed his son and wife being attacked by an armed bandit.

“The man had a knife in his hand and was scuffling with me son.”

News Room understands that the bandit broke the door to the wife’s bedroom and attacked her by biting her leg. The father and son were able to tie the attacker with a rope after he attempted to escape via a window.

His son, Jimmie Mohabir was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital and is currently nursing injuries to his head, hand and feet.

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