704 Security Guards attacked during ‘Sun Rise’ party


Two Security Guards who were tasked with keeping patrons safe at a ‘Sun Rise’ fete at the 704 Parking Lot in the vicinity of Lamaha and Albert Streets, Georgetown, has to seek medical attention after they were attacked and beaten at the party.

News Room understands that the party started around 4am on Friday, and at around 5:45am, 33-year-old Germaine Adams observed a fight at the bar; he tried to make peace when one of the aggressors, known as ‘Whistle,’ lashed him to the left eye with a beer bottle.

Adams fell to the ground and associates of ‘Whistle’ attacked him with beer bottles; the security guard was then forced to discharge his service weapon and fired a shot in the air.

After the crowd dispersed, Adams saw one of his colleagues pulling a male out of the bar.

A police report noted that as ‘Whistle’ and his accomplices were leaving, they attacked another security guard, identified as Kenrick Maynard, 34, who was on duty outside the 704 building.

They allegedly dealt him several lashes to his face and other parts of the body. Police were called in and took control of the scene. The firearm is lodged at the Brickdam Armory pending a ballistic examination.

Police are on the hunt for ‘Whistle’ and his accomplices.

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