CJRC mulls legal action over Cheddi Jagan stamps


The Cheddi Jagan Research Centre (CJRC) is contemplating suing the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) for breaching a contractual arrangement to print and deliver commemorative stamps in time for the late president’s birth centenary last month.

The CJRC has contracted the services of Attorney-at-Law Anil Nandlall to provide legal advice on the issue.

Nandlall explained to News Room during an interview today that the Research Centre, following months of discussions with the Post Office, was required to make a down payment of some $200,000 for the stamps it ordered.

However, closer to the agreed date of delivery, the Post Office informed the Research Centre that the Ministry of Presidency had taken over the initiative – a move which Nandlall says amounts to unlawful interference.

Attorney-at-Law, Anil Nandlall

“The GPOC is a public corporation, it has its own personality in law…and it is not subject to direction and control of the government, it is run by a Board. Certainly, the Ministry of the Presidency has nothing to do with it. So the Ministry of Presidency was clearly acting unlawfully when they interfered in the matter and prevented the GPOC from discharging its contractual obligations,” the former Attorney General said.

Nandlall said the Research Centre wanted to sue the Post Office for breaching their contractual agreement but given the public assurance from President David Granger that the stamps will be delivered, he advised it better to wait.

“We are waiting for the stamps to be issued. If not, I have the file here and I will be proceeding to court,” Nandlall said.

President Granger had told reporters last week that the stamps have been printed and will be delivered.

Nandlall, who is also an opposition parliamentarian, said he is not aware of any formal communication of such to the Research Centre.

President Granger had explained that this delay in the issuance of the stamps is to ensure the correct context is set. Mr Granger also contended that the issuance of commemorative stamps is not a postal function even though the Post Office for years has been issuing commemorative stamps for different purposes.

Nandlall said there are strong grounds for a legal challenge to be mounted against the Post Office. But he noted that if the stamps are eventually delivered, then the Research Centre may not desire to proceed with a court case.

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