‘Massive irregularities’ in exam for driver’s licence – Police


Police headquarters Wednesday afternoon said it was investigating “massive irregularities” in the driver’s theoretical examination which took place last Thursday at the Felix Austin Police College, Georgetown.

The Police said the investigation was launched after two pastors who supervised the examination reported the irregularities.

The pastors reported that 174 persons were registered to write the examination but only 106 showed up. However, once the exams were over, 207 scripts were submitted.

“Initial enquiries revealed that a Senior Subordinate Officer who was mandated to oversee this theoretical examination in collaboration with two Pastors from the COPS and Faith Community Network partnership with the Guyana Police Force, along with three junior ranks, left the examination venue shortly after the examination commenced and did not return,” Police stated in a release to the press.

Police said that a Junior Subordinate Officer who ought not to have been at the examination venue, presented himself, spent some time and left.

The three Constables left the examination venue prior to the counting of the examination scripts by members of the COPS and Faith Community Network.

Only the members of the COPS and Faith community Network that is the two pastors, were left in possession of the completed examination papers.

“These preliminary enquires indicate a complete breach of the Standard Operating Procedures governing the Administration and Conduct of the Learner Driver’s Theoretical Examination,” Police headquarters stated.

Given the circumstances, the Police said those who sat the examinations will have to sit another exam.

The Police Force pointed out that the volunteer assistance and involvement of members of the COPS and Faith Community Network countrywide have been invaluable in the several areas in which they partner with the Force and the Administration of the Force wishes to encourage them as the partnership grows and develops.

“Members of the public and members of the Force must appreciate and understand that since the involvement of the members of the COPS Faith Community Network in the invigilation of the Learner Driver’s Theoretical and Practical examinations, there has been a significant reduction in the opportunities for corruption, complaint  and allegations and this voluntary involvement will continue as we seek to ensure the integrity of the processes,” Police headquarters stated.

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