AFC Execs mandate Leader to respond to Granger in ‘prescribed manner’


Two months after he was written to, Leader of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), President David Granger finally responded to the Alliance For Change (AFC), hours before the National Executive met on Tuesday.

Mr Granger requested that both sides meet to discuss the way forward regarding Local Government Elections (LGE).

Certain AFC members have reportedly expressed concerns about the strategic timing of the APNU Leader’s response.

According to a statement from the AFC, its Leader Raphael Trotman has been mandated to respond to President Granger “in a prescribed manner.”

Trotman reported to the meeting the contents of the letter which he said outlined a “course of action”.

News Room understands that during the NEC, the call for the AFC to contest the elections alone was reignited.

Trotman had previously informed media operatives that a large faction of the Party has been urging that the AFC go solo at the polls in order to maintain its independence.

However, at its first NEC, the AFC decided to team up again with APNU and Trotman then wrote Granger.

The AFC letter outlined a number of matters, including the issue of the approach to elections.

Following the polls in 2016, the AFC was concerned that it was not granted enough representation at the local government level.

In fact, only recently, the AFC was booted from the Deputy Mayoral position at the Georgetown Municipality.

The AFC said it will be updating the media after it dispatches its response to the APNU Leader.

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