Phang and Sawh locked in ‘Baby Cup’ battle


By Avenash Ramzan

Ever since its formation in early 2017, GT Motorsports has premised it existence on the development of young talents in the sport, providing an avenue for their growth and honing their competitive spirit.

So it was no surprise when the Sun Burst Kids Cup 60cc category was included on its flagship event- the Georgetown Grand Prix- and the 60cc Baby Cup was later added.

These two events, catering for competitors from as young as six years old, have been a source of pride for parents and enjoyment for fans over the past 17 months, providing a glimpse into the future of the sport in Guyana.

At the conclusion of the second Georgetown Grand Prix of the year on Sunday last, it is hard to decide who is likely to cop the champion driver award at the end of the season, as both categories have been fiercely competitive.

Ben Phang and Nicholas Sawh, two enthusiastic young drivers, who would hop into a go-kart at every conceivable opportunity, are locked on 126 points after six outings in the Baby Cup this season.

Interestingly, both boys have an identical record, registering three wins, two second place finishes and one third. At this point, it is clear the championship race is between these two, as Paul Caleb is way back in third spot on 51 points.

Jeremy Tenpow (centre) leads the Sun Burst Kids Cup

The Sun Burst Kids Cup is pretty much the same, with just six points separating leader Jeremy Tenpow and Nathan Rahaman. With four wins this season, Tenpow has 128 points, while Rahaman has 122 points, following his two wins and four second place finishes.

Jeremy’s younger brother Justin is third on 87 points.

Stefan Jeffrey has a small lead in the Easy Cup Super

The Easy Cup Super is another close battle between Stefan Jeffrey and Steven Nobrega, who are three points apart. With two wins, Jeffrey has 108 points, while Nobrega has 105, garnered from five second place finishes and a third.

Kristian Jeffrey, who missed the first Georgetown Grand Prix in March, is third on 75 points, after making a clean sweep of the three races on Sunday last.

Rayden Persaud, with 109 points (three wins), leads the 125cc Juniors, ahead of John Phang on 95 (one win), Elan Rahaman on 82 (one win), Faraud Mohamed on 81 and Gianni Carpenter on 76 (one win).

Mikhail Persaud leads the 125cc Seniors

Mikhail Persaud is the runaway leader of the 125cc Seniors, racking up 125 points (five wins). Matthew Phang is second on 87 (four second place finishes), followed by the Trinidad and Tobago pair Zachary Boodram and Kristian Boodoosingh on 76 and 74 points respectively.

Shan Seejatan leads the 125cc Masters

Shan Seejatan leads the 125cc Masters with 123 points (three wins), followed by Haniff Mohamed on 98 (two wins) and Mahendra Boodhoo on 83 (one win).

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