Update: Two suspected bandits shot dead by police


Two suspected bandits were on Friday shot dead by Police after they attempted to rob a grocery store located at the corner of Durban and Hardina Streets, Georgetown.

Relatives identified them as 26-year-old Trevor Barrow called ‘Budda’, and Calvin Dover, 27. It is alleged that they entered the shop where they made a purchase before leaving, however, the men later returned and demanded cash from the cashier.

According to reports, the men were shot at by police ranks on patrol in the area and Barrow died at the scene and Dover fled after being shot to his foot. Some persons claimed that the men surrendered but were still fired at by the Police.

Relatives of Barrow did not want to speak to the media but at the scene, one of his aunts was overheard blaming the “company he keeps” for his downfall.

“When people talk to you, you don’t hear…today was it, this is the end of you Budda,” the woman cried.

The shop where the incident occurred. [News Room photo]
The aunt claimed that Barrow lived with her and performed well in school after which he moved to live with his family.

“Look where your life gone, this wouldn’t have been your end if you were with me, it would have never been your end.”

Persons who are employed by nearby businesses related that over ten shots were fired and they ran for cover.

Dover managed to escape the scene before he was cornered in a house at Bent Street, Werk-en-Rust, where he was killed, reportedly by the police.

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