VIDEO: Magistrate calls Police ‘bunch of jokers’ as more murder charges laid in piracy attack


Springlands Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh Wednesday accused the Police of “behaving like a bunch of jokers” as more murder charges were laid in the deadly pirate attack off the coast of Suriname in late April.

The Magistrate’s comments came as there was confusion by the Police to either proceed or withdraw charges against two prime suspects.

Premnauth Persaud, 43, called “Sinbad” of Cromarty Village and Nakool Manohar, 39, called “Fyah” of Number 43 Village were jointly charged with two counts of murder.

They were not required to plea to the indictable charge which stated that between April 27 and May 3, at sea, they murdered Tillacknauth Mohabir called “Caiman” and Mahesh Sarjoo called “Koba” during the course of a robbery.

The previous murder charge against Manohar was withdrawn by the Prosecutor and new charges were filed, hence the men being charged jointly today.

Nakool was represented by Attorney-at-Law Joel Edmond who asked the court about the readiness of the file while noting the Police was clearly “confused.”

The date for the charge was changed from the 27 April to the 26 April and they were not sure whether to charge the duo along with Alexander Denhearte jointly.

He also asked that charges against his client for 2015 and 2016 be discharged since the files were not ready nor was it brought to court when he was told earlier the file was on its way.

Police Prosecutor Orin Joseph asked the court for 14 days to return for report and fixture.

Meanwhile, Persaud, who was unrepresented, told the Magistrate he was beaten and starved while in custody. The Magistrate subsequently ordered he received medical attention.

Both men were remanded and will return to court on June 26th for report and fixture.

Meanwhile, family members of Denish Persaud, Ralph Couchman and Mahesh Sarjoo turned up in their numbers to show support of the men who were massacred at sea.

They all asked that justice is served for the men who were considered their main breadwinner.

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