Professor Misir forced to resign as Vice-Chancellor in Fiji


The University of Fiji had announced Guyanese Professor Prem Misir’s resignation last week, but provided no reasons for the departure.

More details emerged on Prof. Misir’s strained relationship with fellow academics and staff. The Fiji Sun today revealed details that led to Prof. Misir’s resignation.

Four former UniFiji staff had claimed their contracts were unlawfully terminated by Prof. Misir. They filed cases with authorities, according to the newspaper.

Prof. Misir’s work permit was not renewed by the immigration department following complaints from the four staffers. Professor Misir also had issues with fellow academics, who held a secret meeting a few months ago to oust him.

Former politician Tupeni Baba was intricately part of the ousting as his contract had also been terminated by Prof. Misir. The newspaper also revealed that Prof. Misir tried to withdraw his resignation, but was told that it had been accepted and an acting appointee made.

Professor Misir was appointed Vice-Chancellor three years ago. (Pasifika News)

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