New PSC Chairman aims to foster dialogue between Gov’t, Opposition


Newly elected Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Desmond Sears is aiming to bring the Government and the Parliamentary Opposition closer through dialogue so that there can be political consensus on issues affecting the business climate and of national importance.

Sears, 66, was Thursday elected as the Chairman of the PSC, replacing Eddie Boyer who held the post for the past two years.

He told News Room in an interview on Friday that high on his agenda is to advance the relationship between the Government and opposition so that the political climate is more stable and inviting to investors.

“Whoever is in government and whoever is in opposition would have to collaborate,” he stated. Sears explained that the idea is to have certain projects and transactions continued even after a government changes.

“Take the (new Demerara) bridge for example, that was being considered under the previous administration and the new administration came into place and there are some changes, the thing about it is that it takes a long while when we restart,” he outlined.

A number of business deals and projects that were initiated or concluded under the previous administration is now being questioned by the present Government.

In fact, some of the cases have made it to the court.

Sears explained that if there are open discussions between government and opposition on key projects, then there will be no need for reviews and reassessments of sealed deals when Governments change.

The new Chairman, who has been with the PSC for the last four years, said he will continue its work of demanding better from the government for better tax regimes, investment opportunities, and better governance.

Of particular interest to the new chairman is the development of a modern deepwater port in Guyana and he will be advocating for this project to come on stream expeditiously.

Sears has a sterling track record in the business sector, being the President of the Shipping Association of Guyana and the Executive Director of Delmur Company Limited.

He has years of experience working in the shipping industry and the bauxite sector.

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