Mitra Ramkumar is new head of Tourism Association


Mitra Ramkumar, the Chief Financial Officer of Roraima Airways, has been elected the new President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG).

The elections were held at the Association’s Annual General Meeting on June 29 last. Others on the  executive are: Vice President Camille Boodhoo, Managing Director of Old Fort Tours & Angellina’s Travel Service; Treasurer  Harrinand Persaud, Chief Financial & Marketing Officer of King’s Jewellery World; Committee Member Alexandra Correia, the Market Research and Investor Relations Manager for the Correia Group of Companies; Committee Member Davie Sukdeo, Senior Sales Manager of the Guyana Marriott Hotel; Committee Member Kevin Daby, General Manager of Grand Coastal Hotel; and Committee Member Jacqueline Allicock, General Manager of Surama Eco-lodge.

Mrs Andrea de Caires of Wilderness Explorers will serve as an advisor to the new Executive in her capacity as Immediate Past President. THAG also re-appointed Ram & McRae as its Auditors for the new financial year.

According to THAG, its new president committed to expanding the membership base of the organisation, building partnerships with Oil & Gas and other enterprises to endorse low carbon tourism development and continued working relationship with the Department of Tourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority.

Ramkumar noted that Guyana is poised to become an economic powerhouse with revenues from the Oil & Gas sector.

However, he said this is an extractive industry and Guyana has the opportunity to strike a perfect balance that will assure our environment is protected.

“Tourism can bolster environmental protection, champion diverse cultural heritage while being a major foreign exchange earner that creates employment for a wide cross section of Guyanese,” THAG stated.

It added: “THAG will be focusing on being heard as a unified voice representing the interests of the industry stakeholders and working with the Department of Tourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority in finalising and actioning the Draft National Tourism Policy.”

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