23-Y-O stabbed to death during fight


A 23-year-old farmer of Amakokopai Village, Upper Mazaruni River has succumbed to his injuries one day after being stabbed by an 18-year-old male of the same village.

Reports are that Hernan Leman was engaged in a scuffle with the suspect, TerllyFedericks, at about 16:00hrs on Sunday at Amakokopai Village. The fight allegedly stemmed from an altercation between Fredericks and Leman’s younger brother, Ron Leman, which occurred earlier.

Fredericks was armed with a knife which he used to stab the 23-year-old to his belly causing him to receive severe injuries.

As a result, the victim’s younger brother picked up the said knife and dealt the suspect a stab to his back.

They were both rushed to the Kamarang Region hospital where they were seen and examined by a doctor on duty and admitted in critical conditions.

While they were waiting to be transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further medical treatment at about 9:15hrs on Monday, Hernan Leman succumbed to his injuries.

Ron Leman has been taken into police custody as the investigation continues.

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