Two businessmen detained after heated exchange with cops


Two businessmen have been detained after it was claimed they obstructed the Police from carrying out their duties Sunday night.

The allegations against the businessmen are that they assaulted a Police officer, damaged a Police vehicle, and also discharged a loaded firearm.

The incident occurred about 20:00hrs Sunday at Battery Road, Kingston, Georgetown.

Police said two ranks were responding to a report of Simple Larceny in the area when they stopped an ATV without registration plates and while engaging the driver, three men, two of whom are in custody, approached, obstructed the ranks from performing their duties and behaved in a very hostile manner towards the ranks who were forced to summoned for assistance.

“As a result, the driver of the ATV drove away, whilst one of the suspects allegedly assaulted one of the ranks and violently kicked and damaged one of the rear lights of the Force Vehicle whilst the other suspect allegedly pointed a gun at the ranks and subsequently discharged several rounds into the air before fleeing the scene in a motor car, driven by the shooter,” Police headquarters stated.

The vehicle was shortly after intercepted with the two suspects and searched, Police reported and that said the driver was found in possession of a .32 Pistol with five rounds.

While the driver produced his gun license, he fled the scene with his vehicle leaving the weapon with the police; his accomplice was promptly detained.

Two spent shells were found at the scene by investigators.

About 08:00hrs Monday morning the licensed firearm holder turned himself in at the Brickdam Police Station.

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