Granger unopposed as PNC/R Leader


By Devina Samaroo

Incumbent Leader David Granger is likely to run unchallenged for the top position of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R).

Today is nominations day for the PNC/R – the day when the party accepts nominations from its constituents for the top party and central executive positions.

General Secretary of the PNCR, Amna Ally told reporters at a press conference Tuesday that Granger, who is also Guyana’s President, will most likely be unopposed at the elections, which will be held on the third and last day of the party’s biennial congress next month.

“At the moment so far, from [nominations] we received, the leader is unopposed,” Ally disclosed.

However, the race for the second highest elected position is tight, with three party favourites vying for the spot.

Volda Lawrence and Joseph Harmon are challenging incumbent chairperson Basil Williams for the seat.

James Bond and Annette Ferguson

The chair of the Party is an important post as that person can take up the responsibilities of the Leader for a maximum of 90 days if the current Leader is no longer able to serve. Afterwards, a special congress will be convened to formally elect a new leader.

The race is also on for the position of Vice Chair with some fresh faces on the scene including longstanding members James Bond and Annette Ferguson.

The other nominees are Winston Felix, Volda Lawrence, Dr George Norton, and Joseph Harmon, who are all government ministers as well as Cosbert Roberts, who hails from the diaspora.

As the nominations are coming in, an accreditation committee will verify whether the nominees are eligible to run.

With predominately the old guards being nominated, the PNC/R General Secretary suspects that party members prefer leaders with experience.

However, she pointed out that the PNC/R welcomes young people in leadership roles.

“We welcome new faces. We don’t have barriers as to whether we want old and experienced people or young and new,” she expressed.

The PNC/R is the largest Party in the coalition government, however, it has noticeably been the quietest on national issues.

In this regard, Ally explained that while the Party may not host regular press conferences or issue press statements, it is keeping in touch with its supporters through public meetings and outreaches.

The Party’s congress will kick start with a ceremonial opening on August 17.

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