Body of overseas-based Guyanese found


The body of a 46-year-old man who went missing while jet skiing on Sunday at about 17:30 hrs was today found.

Ravindra Budhraj known as ‘Rick’ was discovered at a Koker at Timehri, East Bank Demerara at about 11:00hrs on Tuesday.

Budhraj, an overseas-based Guyanese, went missing in the Demerara River on Sunday in the vicinity of Coverden, EBD after he lost control of a jet ski which he was riding.

Reports are that the man and a group of persons had just returned from Santa Mission on the Demerara River when they disembarked in the area of Jettoo’s Sawmill.

Subsequently, Budhraj and a family friend, Stefan Gadjie of Lance Gibbs Street, Queenstown then mounted a jet ski and went skiing on the river.

Gadjie told police officers that the victim lost control of the Jet Ski and they both fell into the river but while a businessman nearby managed to save him, Budraj had already disappeared.

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