‘Private Sector has a right to be involved in politics’ – Fmr. GCCI President responds to Gaskin


Former President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI), Vishnu Doerga says that business owners have the right to be involved in politics because it involves the expenditure of their money.

Speaking at the second day of the GCCI’s business development forum at the Pegasus Hotel, Georgetown on Saturday, Doerga responded to Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, who on Friday at the forum’s opening ceremony, told the Private Sector to stay out of politics but only until it is time for general and regional elections when political parties would need their [private sector’s] money.

Doerga said: “We [the business community] understand that we’re all in politics.”

He explained that politics encompasses a decision-making process where money is spent to make these decisions. Doerga reminded that during the presentations the day before, it was highlighted that the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department (GAFDD) faces employment issues and the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) might be constricted by the law.

“Who funds all of this?” he questioned and answered, “It’s your taxpayers money that funds all of this so that actually means that we’re all involved in politics…”

The businessman went on to suggest that maybe the Minister made his remarks because businesses are not complying with tax obligations and told the room full of business-oriented persons, “Make sure that you comply; pay everything that you need to pay so that you can actually open your mouth.”

And he posited that if persons are meeting their obligations, then it is their responsibility to hold persons accountable.

“You should be running behind [GAFDD Director] Marlon Cole and asking him the list of things you should stop eating and the medicines you should stop consuming when you are sick as well because shouldn’t that be something of concern to you?” Doerga asked.

He continued: “And is that politics? If it is where the money is coming from and how we’re being taxed and how it’s being used, then I’ll say yes, do get involved!”

Doerga’s sentiments were met with fervent applause from the audience, where more vocal supporters also shouted, “Well done” and “Well said”.

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