‘I can beat Volda in any elections’ – Teixeira


People’s Progressive Party (PPP) presidential hopeful, Gail Teixeira believes she can beat newly elected Chair of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) Volda Lawrence in any elections.

“Maybe Volda coming on might tantalize me because I think I can slaughter her too in any elections. But I shouldn’t use the word ‘slaughter’, I retract that word. I can definitely beat her … in any elections,” the PPP Chief Whip told reporters during a press conference at Freedom House Monday morning.

Teixeira, who has served the party in many capacities and is one of the most distinguished politicians in the country, has expressed an interest in being the PPP’s presidential candidate for the National Elections in 2020.

With other members, both young and old, expressing an interest in this position, the party’s General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo committed to naming a presidential candidate before yearend.

Teixeira, who previously expressed that she is considering to contest for the candidacy, declined to say whether she has made a firm decision on the matter.

She instead expressed that the party will in “its wisdom” decide on a presidential candidate it believes will lead them to victory, after considering proposals made by all those who are interested in the position.

In a move that strayed from tradition, young party member Charles Ramson Jr. publicly announced his intention to contest for the presidential candidacy. Other interested members are said to be Anil Nandlall and Irfaan Ali.

Apart from late president Janet Jagan, who was the PPP’s presidential candidate in 1997, the party has never had a female leader.

The party’s structure differs from their political opponent, the PNC/R whereby the PPP only has the fore position of General Secretary. The other ‘leaders’ would be members of the Central and Executive Committees.

On the other hand, the PNC/R has positions of leader, chairperson, vice chairpersons and an executive committee.

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