$6.3B proposed for GECOM


With plans to hold house-to-house registration next year as part of a series of preparations for the 2020 national elections, some $6.3 billion has been proposed for the 2019 budget of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

GECOM’s 2018 budget is approximately $2.9 billion, which is expected to cover expenses associated with the holding of Local Government Elections (LGE) on November 12.

The proposed budget for GECOM, as well as other constitutional agencies, will be considered when the National Assembly reconvenes Thursday (October 18, 2018) at the Public Buildings.

The breakdown is as follows:

Parliament Office – $1.8 billion

Auditor General Office – $894 million

Public and Police Service Commission – $155 million

Teaching Service Commission – $113 million

Supreme Court – $2.8 billion

Director of Public Prosecution – $219 million

Office of the Ombudsman – $74 million

Public Service Appellate Tribunal – $62.8 million

Ethnic Relations Commission – $278 million

Judicial Service Commission – $10 million

Indigenous Peoples Commission – $30 million

Human Rights Commission – $47 million

Rights of the Child Commission – $47 million

Women and Gender Equality Commission – $45 million

Public Procurement Commission – $276 million

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