Mahdia receives township status


The Region Eight community of Mahdia on Thursday became the country’s tenth township.

Mahdia was first recorded a settlement in 1884 and achieved township status on August 09, 2018.

Mahdia now joins three other new townships; Bartica in Region Seven, Lethem in Region Nine and Mabaruma in Region One. It will serve as the capital town of the Potaro-Siparuni Region and forms part of the Government’s plan to establish a capital town in each of the administrative regions of the country.

The ‘Welcome to Mahdia’ sign board.

President David Granger told those gathered that “these capital towns will become hubs for development…of the administrative regions.”

Nearly $1 Billion spent in upgrades of the internal road network in the township and much more is in store for the new town with the rebuilding of the Tumatumari hydro-electric plant that will provide reliable, continuous and affordable electricity to this part of the region, according to Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan.

The Communities Minister indicated that the government is committed to working with the Toshaos of the Sub-regions Pakaraima, Campbelltown, Mickie; the Senior Councillor of Princeville; Regional Democratic Council members and all the residents of the region.

Also present was Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson who noted that his Ministry was challenged to ensure that its projects reflected aspects of both the green state agenda and the requirements of a modern new town.

The initiative was welcomed by Regional Chairman, Bonaventure Fredericks who noted that for the first time, the residents will exercise their constitutional rights by participating in the Local Government elections on November 12.

Residents at the Declaration Ceremony.

Prior to the declaration ceremony held at the Administrative Oval in Mahdia, the President who is the Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), along with other party members met with residents at the newly constructed People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) office.

According to the Department of Punic Information (DPI), President Granger urged the residents to select leaders who will direct the region’s wealth to diversify the region’s economy for the people’s benefit, to govern the town.

The President has already delivered similar messages to several communities across the country as his party,  campaigns for Local Government Elections.

President David Granger greets a young lad from Mahdia. Also in photograph are : Minister of State, Hon. Joseph Harmon and Minister of Communities, Hon. Ronald Bulkan.

“This region must move forward economically. Mahdia can produce any commodity – tomatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, meat – you don’t need to import anything. This region can be self-sufficient with good leadership,” he told those in attendance, the DPI quoted.

He advised residents to take a page from those who are cognizant of the region’s vast potential and have wisely invested in it.

“The children in Mahdia must have a bright future and equal opportunities to those on the coast,” the Head of State said.

The Head of State reminded that the government is committed to providing all citizens with a good life and has restored local democracy by reintroducing the Local Government Elections (LGE), the second of which is scheduled for November 12 this year.

The Communities Minister, who is also an APNU member, urged the residents to “select leaders who will make this a reality and keep our resources in safe hands.”

Minister of State Joseph Harmon and Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally, Mayors Gifford Marshall, Henry Smith and Waneka Arrindell were also in attendance.

At the end of the PNC/R event, more than 20 bicycles were presented to students.

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