Alleged arson committed on home of AFC Berbice Candidate


The Alliance For Change (AFC) is claiming that attempts were made to burn the home of one of its Local Government Elections’ candidates in Corentyne, Berbice.

In a statement on Thursday, the Party said it is horrified against the act which occurred at the home of Rashree Permaul of Bloomfield Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

Permaul is contesting the Whim/Bloomfield Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

The AFC said at approximately 21:45 on Wednesday, Permaul was alerted to flames emanating from a fire which was set in a box placed next to the wall of the lower flat of her home.

While the fire was put out quickly enough to prevent any major damage to the home, it was discovered that a pillar of the home was doused in what appeared to be kerosene.

The woman resides with her two children and bed-ridden father.

The AFC described the act as “a terror attack” on the lives of the family members.

“This act is consistent with the old political tactics of fear which is resorted to by certain political entities,” the Party said.

The AFC urged the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Fire Service to fully investigate this criminal act and apprehend the arsonist(s).

The Party which has made several claims of its candidates being attacked by other political opponents, said “it is now evident that the campaign of threats and terror against the AFC activists…has been taken to another level.”

“The resort to violence by political thugs and hooligans will not intimidate party fighters who are now more determined to work for change in this particular NDC,” the AFC said.

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