Reliance Hustlers benefit from benevolence of former Guyana youth player


Former Guyana youth batsman Rovendra Mandolall donated a quantity of cricket gear to Reliance Hustlers Sports and said he was delighted to give back to his village team.

Mandolall, who skippered Essequibo at the senior Inter-county and Under-19 levels and is currently residing in Canada, stated that he always wants to see cricket being played on a regular basis in the ‘Cinderella County.’

“I am happy to donate cricket gear to the Village where I played my young days cricket at; I know we have produced a lot of talented cricketers and no doubt they will continue to come out,” the right-handed batsman declared.

Recently in Toronto, Mandolall, the eldest of four brothers to represent Essequibo at various levels, made the presentation to an ex-Reliance veteran cricketer Gangadeen Lall.

Lall, in response, expressed his gratitude to Mandolall for such a wonderful donation and assured him that his contribution would help in the continued development of the club.

Meanwhile, Reliance has become very popular for producing several players who went onto to play for Guyana and West Indies. Fast-bowler Ronsford Beaton is among them.

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