Pork-Knocker shot dead by ‘Rasta Beans’


A 24-year-old Pork-Knocker of Waramuri Mission, Moruca River was shot twice in the wee hours of Sunday, November 11 minutes after he intervened in a fight at the Junior Disco at Puruni Landing.

Dead is Xavier Boyal, who was employed as a Pittman with a dredge owner and police are on the hunt for the suspect, who has been identified as Deon Evans known as ‘Rasta Beans’ of Charlestown, Georgetown.

Police said that Xavier left the mining camp at about 21:00hrs with a colleague for the Junior Disco and later in the evening, the same colleague had an altercation with an unknown male, who cuffed him [the colleague].

Xavier intervened and pushed the man away after which he and his colleague decided to leave the disco and walk back to the camp along the Puruni Road between 3:00am and 03:45am.

It is alleged that the suspect jumped into the front seat of a jeep and ordered the driver to follow Xavier and his friend, during which the suspect pulled a black handgun from his pants waist, pointed it towards the windscreen and discharged a round in the direction of Xavier, who was walking on the road.

Police said that the victim fell to the ground and the suspect exited the vehicle and shot the victim again before he escaped.

Detectives found a 9MM spent shell at the scene and observed three circular wounds on the victim’s body – one above the abdomen, under the right arm and another to the right upper back.

A warhead was found about 15 feet from where the body was found.

Detectives are continuing their investigations.

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