PPP whips Nagamootoo’s AFC in Whim Local Gov’t race


The PPP/C whipped the Alliance For Change (AFC) in the Whim/Bloomfield Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) by securing over 88% of the valid votes in the seven constituencies under the Proportional Representation system.

The Statements of Poll for the NDC district shows a total of 1,286 valid votes were counted of which the AFC only managed to muster 136 while the PPP captured 1,150, winning all of the constituencies.

The NDC district, the hometown of the Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, was contested by the AFC and PPP.

The AFC failed to capture 50% of the votes in any of the constituencies, though Constituency #5 – Auchlyne North – showing some fight, getting 33 votes to the PPP’s 81.

The NDC of Whim/Bloomfield was one which made headlines after a PPP supporter filed a petition to remove the names of 50 backers on the AFC nomination list.

The supporter, Safraz Bheekam, contended the names were “fraudulently” affixed to back AFC candidates in the LGE.

However, the matter was dismissed by Justice Navindra Singh in the New Amsterdam High Court.

Justice Singh stated after the investigation was conducted by the Guyana Police Force and he found no evidence to convince him that the nominators were forced to sign the list.

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