$13.8 Billion approved for Police in 2019


The sum of $13.8 billion has been approved for the Guyana Police Force in 2019 and caters for the construction of new Divisional Headquarters as the Force moves towards having Division in each of the ten Administrative Regions.

The budget for the Force was approved during the consideration of the 2019 budget estimates for the Ministry of Public Security.

Of the total sum allocated, over $400 million was budgeted under Police Stations and buildings. The allocation covers:

  1. Payment of retention
  2. Completion of Senior Officer’s Living Quarters – Eve Leary, Parfaite Harmonie and Lethem police stations
  3. Construction of Divisional headquarters at Golden Grove, Fort Wellington, Mabaruma and Mahdia; $50 million each has been allocated for these projects
  4. Rehabilitation of Special Branch, Brickdam, Leonora, Anna Regina and Cove and John police station 

Over $200 million was allocated for the purchase of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, engines and bicycles and a further $35 million was set aside for purchase of furniture and equipment.

In addition, $220 million was budgeted for the purchase of arms and ammunition, fingerprint, ballistic, materials for photography, handwriting, communication, and equipment for narcotics operations, intelligence, traffic, crime scene and music.

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