MARAD working to remove wreckage from waterways


With an increase in marine traffic, the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) is working to remove critical wreckages from the Demerara River –the country’s main port.

Director General of MARAD, Claudette Rogers told the media on Thursday that the authority is looking to clear the main waterway first.

She said there are three critical wreckages in Demerara River which is “a matter of great concern” and has to be removed in the near future.

“The area where those wrecks are, I’m advised can be areas that we may be able to use for anchorage,” Rogers said.

The issue with removing the shipwrecks are associated with cost and the capability of the one private company that does salvaging for MARAD.

Rogers said alternatives will have to be sought if the company is incapable of removing the items.

“The earliest opportunity will be best for us and then cost is another factor. It is not going to be done for free,” she added.

According to reports, one of the major wreckage in the Demerara River is a Barge named DAR.B which sunk while being towed from the Teperu Quarry in the Essequibo River to Kingston, Georgetown, in October 2014.

The barge is said to be located along the eastern edge of the Demerara River main ship channel in a charted depth of 5.3 metres of water.

Another is the freighter Miss Ellisa which capsized and sank in the Demerara River shortly after it left for Trinidad and Tobago loaded with a cargo of coconuts, poles, and rice.

It is said to be located just west of the ship channel in a depth of 4.9 metres.

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