No Confidence vote should not further divide nation – GTUC


Please see below full statement from the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) following the vote on the No Confidence motion:

“Parliament has concluded, and the No-Confidence motion brought against the APNU+AFC Government by the Opposition PPP/C was passed. In the 65-seat National Assembly the motion was passed by 32 PPP/C.

Parliamentarians and one Coalition Parliamentarian. Our democracy is at work and while the decision would not be favourable to all it is lawful and binding.

“The GTUC expects that the AFC Member, Charandass Persuad, who voted for the government’s life to come to end will share with his constituency, the Coalition, as well as the nation the rationale for his decision-making.

No longer should the public be made to accept, as norm, public officials making critical decisions without providing justification. The Coalition, but most specifically the AFC, needs to explain to the nation.

“Leaders must go all out to avoid or minimise triumphalism. All parties and citizens should be watchful of attempt to provoke conflict and create ethnic tension and mayhem. We still have a nation to build and a destiny to mould.

We are One People, One Nation, One Destiny, and we cannot allow partisan interest to divide us.

“Guyanese must now prepare themselves to go into early General & Regional Elections consistent with the Guyana Constitution and Representation of the People Act. The reality of this experience also means that finances to execute such an exercise, coming immediately after the Local Government Elections, will take precedence over other expenditures.

“Both parties, Opposition and Government, have a responsibility now to ensure the national interest is served. GTUC calls on every citizen to be a watchdog. Guyana has an opportunity for growth and maturity.”

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