Another car crashes into Bagotstown house


A Toyota Rav4 crashed into a house on the Bagotstown Public Road East Bank Demerara just after midnight Monday, leaving the owner with thousands of dollars in damages.

This is the eight time since 2011 that vehicles have crashed into the house, located at Lot 35.

News Room understands that the car, PPP 2360 was being driven by 18-year-old Tyrese Souvenir of Essequibo Street, Lamaha Springs, who told police that the road was slippery when he lost control and crashed.

The scene of the accident. [Photo: Facebook/Carlos Montplaisir]
There were four persons in the car who suffered minor injuries. News Room was reliably informed that a breathalyzer test was done on Souvenir and it was negative.

Owner of the property, Faizal Razack is at a loss as to what to do next in order to further protect his home from being destroyed.

“When I wake up, I see this here, because of the impact that wake me up and the vehicle was out there around 1:15 this morning”, Mr Razack told News Room.

[Photo: Facebook/Carlos Montplaisir]
He said other drivers who stopped at the scene recalled that the young driver sped passed them earlier.

Mr Razack recommended that authorities look into putting a speed bump in the area to prevent future accidents.

In August 2011, a car crashed into the upper flat of the same two-storey house.

Just a few months later in the same year, another car crashed into the house.

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