Moruca youths trained in IT, block making, catering and other skills


A total of 133 youths from the community of Moruca have successfully graduated from a skills training programme facilitated by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), the Department of Public Information has reported.

Areas of training were Information Technology, block making, refrigeration, AC repair, catering and cake decoration.

The graduation was held on Wednesday last at Santa Rosa.

“The knowledge, the skills and the training which have been imparted to all of you graduates will contribute to the development of Guyana.

“We as Guyanese need to recognise the significance and importance of education which all international agencies see as an asset,” said Mohan Ramrattan, Deputy Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Social Protection.

Ramrattan urged the youths to seek further self-development and preparation in expectation of the lucrative oil and gas sector. In total, there were 65 females and 68 males who pursued the training programme over the past four months.

“The Village Council is willing, and we are prepared to continue to help the youths of Moruca.

“We were fortunate to acquire our own tutors and facilitators from within the community,” said Learmond Emmanuel, Toshao of Santa Rosa village.

Of those who graduated, the DPI reported that of the graduate, Nakita Jerome has applied to begin training as a nurse, while Mikhail Williams plans to pursue studies in computer science at the University of Guyana. Another graduate, Sunil Pierre has signed up to begin his studies to become a Business teacher.


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