Ms Rose, a female taxi driver standing out in a man’s world


Ms. Rose, as she is commonly known, has been driving for 37 years, however, 12 years ago, after the bank at which she was working since the age of 18 closed its doors, Denise Ann Patricia Rose began driving a taxi.

The mother of two on this International Women’s Day shares her story about making waves in what was known to be a man’s world.

The 62-year-old woman said in 2006, a friend encouraged her to start her new job at President’s College which is located a village away from her Nabacalis, East Coast Demerara Home.

She told the News Room that when she first started, she was the only taxi driver in the area and picked up primary and daycare students.

“I establish the taxi business around here and I was in control of most of the schools…I love to take the children to school,” she said.

Denise Ann Patricia Rose

Ms. Rose noted that she was enjoying her job until the males joined, “some mature and some immature,” and reduced the prices to take over the majority of the work.

“I tell the males, they don’t have what I have which is my personality,” she confidently stated.

The woman now does most of her work from home where she receives calls from her customers.

She noted that she enjoys her job because it allows her to see many different places in the country.

Ms Rose also sees herself as an inspiration to other women in the community who have now started to drive.

“Look at yourself. Be strong and come out.”

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