Students, Teachers sent home after affected by chemical used in fogging exercise  


The administration of the Wisburg Secondary School in Linden decided to close the school this week after students and teachers experienced skin irritation and severe burning of the eyes following a fumigation exercise last week after a mosquito infestation. 

One parent, who spoke to News Room anonymously, blamed the contractor for using a chemical that was too strong.  

When contacted, the Regional Education Officer Ravindra Singh to News Room that the school shut its doors.  

It is unknown who the contractor is that fumigated the school.  

News Room understands that the Vector Control agency reportedly informed the school that it did not have chemicals to deal with the issue hence the services of the contractor were procured to deal with the “emergency”.  

The school had to be fumigated twice as a result of the mosquito infestation. The students and teachers were sent home until further notice.  

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